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Labor Nurse

I am a labor and delivery nurse and I really love this show; I listen to this podcast on the way to and from work everyday. Even after 10 years of working on high volume, high risk labor units I still learn something new from every single show. I only wish that every OB provider was as logical and evidence based as these two … the world would be a much better place for it. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience, knowledge, and unique perspectives with all of us.

Great for the patients and medical professionals!

I was a patient of Dr Abdelhak and Kristin years ago, and now a new grad RN working in high risk antepartum and Labor and Delivery. Super entertaining and enhancing my practice at the same time! Love it so much.

The best podcast!

Clever, witty, informative, honest. This is the best podcast! This is Curb Your Enthusiasm meet John Hopkins! What a wealth of knowledge these two provide along with their funny comments and banter. Kristin Mallon is smart, experienced and resourceful. And she makes it seem so easy how she ties everything together in the podcast. Dr. Abdelhak is hysterical! I could listen to him all day! He is truly the forefront of obstetrics and deserves an award for his innovative, compassionate medical perspective and approach. I listen every week. I am a physician assistant and only wish fellow practitioners loved their field and cared about their patients as much as Kristin and Dr. Abdelhak. I hope this turns into a book. But more so I hope this gets the recognition that this is how medicine should be practiced.

As an OB nurse educator…

I cannot recommend this podcast enough! I have almost 11 years experience in hospital high risk OB and these episodes are spot on. I’ve enjoyed listening and learning to these two. Next group of students I have, I’m going to use these podcasts as a fun post-conference activity.

So good!!

I love this two and the content they put out ❤️❤️such great insights and a common sense approach to birth! Stellar all around


By far the most eye opening and informative podcast on pregnancy. Thoroughly entertaining as well

learning lots!

Love this podcast- covering so many important pieces of L&D and adding to my learning as a new nurse!


If anyone can turn the arena of obstetrics into a comedy routine, it would be Dr. Abdelhak. I worked with Dr. Abdelhak for 10 years, he had a remarkable bedside manner, wit, charm and ridiculous intellect. I have been in many a delivery with him holding my breathe,(vaginal triplets) yet he always takes control and is successful. By far one of the most amazing doctors I have worked with in my 25 years as a nurse and Nurse Practitioner.

Interesting and informative

Great podcast! A must listen for anyone pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant! Dr A’s sense Of humor keeps this podcast as fun to listen to!

Love all things birth

Dr is calm and explains everything in such an easy manner - I wish I could turn the clock back and rebirth my kids using his team.

So fun

I’m so happy you didn’t have this podcast when I was pregnant I was so scared already of all the things I knew abt that i drove you crazy about I can’t imagine how much crazier I would be making you now that I know so many more things that can go wrong.

Fantastic Podcast!

Thanks for this wonderful podcast! The information is so valuable! After listening to the FGR podcast, I went to my appointment knowing what questions to ask and prepared to understand the significance of the specific numbers on my ultrasound. I really appreciate the time you are devoting to keeping us mom’s informed in this journey! Thanks!! -Kelly

Thumbs Up

Excellent show!


I can’t stop listening these two hosts have the ability to take what might have been medical topics without appeal or meaning and turn them in to gripping discussions. Keep them coming!

Stellar Doctor

I feel like I really have a better understanding of pregnancy and child birth. Keep them coming!

Love this podcast

This podcast is extremely informative, entertaining and easy to follow. I greatly enjoy listening to it!


Love this podcast! Always entertaining and teaches me so much!

Favorite Podcast!!!

Such an entertaining and informative podcast! I learn so many new things and laugh so much every time I listen. Can’t wait for more episodes!

Thank you Dr. Abdelhak!

I look forward to every podcast! So entertaining and informative. I really think everyone can gain from your knowledge and expertise.

Amazing podcast hosted by the best OB

I love this podcast!! It is so interesting, informative and entertaining. Dr. A is a well respected OB in my area and I look forward to these episodes dropping each week.

Best birth podcast

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast so much! Thank you for this great information!

Love it

Learning so much

Levity to something serious

I love the simple, conversational style that Dr Abdelhak brings to these complex topics.

Super entertaining

Learned lots and kept me laughing.

Best Podcast!

I love this podcast! Not only is it super informative but also really entertaining! Love the great humor and the intelectual topics. Is definitely up there as one of my favorites.


Very informative and honest podcast on everything pregnancy related from a doctor. I’m learning so much from it and it helps keep me informed as a first time pregnant person.

Great podcast

Love listening to the fascinating pod casts and glad to be in such an amazing practice and in such good hands

Entertaining and eye opening

A friend told me about this podcast. It’s so refreshing to hear doctors talk openly. I really enjoy it despite being a guy who’s not in the pregnancy game.

Perfect for first time moms

Quick, easy to understand and digestible. Gives you the DL on what to expect and all the things you wondered about — but were too afraid to ask. Excellent for first timers!!

5 stars!

This is the most entertaining and medically accurate series brought to you by people who see and do it all. I am Labor and delivery nurse and having working alongside Dr. Abdelhak and Kristen for many years I can attest to their honesty, skill, knowledge base and most importantly their humor. Dr. Abdelhak is certainly one of a kind and it’s so fun to listen to him share so much of himself to everyone else! Enjoy, because this is what makes life on the labor floor so fun! Can’t wait for more episodes!!!!