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These experts’ personalities jive so well

These two have excellent rapport. I am interested in medical topics in general and I had no specific interest in whether induction is my friend of foe, but I couldn't stop listening. They take a complex medical problem and break it down into logical, understandable issues. It’s easy to see that these clinicians are incredibly experienced and have special expertise in what is the leading edge of obstetrics.

Awesome content!!

Love this! So easy to listen to, such great information and love the raw openness! Definitely waiting for the next episodes

Love it!

Looking forward to the next one. Super informative and so easy to listen to.

Informative and funny

This was far more interesting and enjoyable than it should have been, considering the subject matter. I was simultaneously entertained and informed.

Comical yet informative

This podcast is super educational yet understandable to the layperson. I love both of these expert providers and hearing their banter is highly entertaining.

Very informative

Really informative thank you for hosting this podcast.

Speciality doctors

Really amazing podcast thank you.

Absolutely Fabulous

I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. I especially liked the one discussing the covid vaccine, with every other person having an opinion I think this was a great way to put it into perspective for people who are still on the fence about the vaccine in general and also for those who are still questioning if it is safe during pregnancy!!!


By far the most eye opening and informative podcast on pregnancy. Thoroughly entertaining to boot.

Every pregnant woman needs to listen to this!

I’m looking forward to future podcasts to learn more from these experts!