True Birth

The best podcast!

Clever, witty, informative, honest. This is the best podcast! This is Curb Your Enthusiasm meet John Hopkins! What a wealth of knowledge these two provide along with their funny comments and banter.

Kristin Mallon is smart, experienced and resourceful. And she makes it seem so easy how she ties everything together in the podcast. Dr. Abdelhak is hysterical! I could listen to him all day! He is truly the forefront of obstetrics and deserves an award for his innovative, compassionate medical perspective and approach.

I listen every week. I am a physician assistant and only wish fellow practitioners loved their field and cared about their patients as much as Kristin and Dr. Abdelhak.

I hope this turns into a book. But more so I hope this gets the recognition that this is how medicine should be practiced.

July 18, 2022 by jcduo09 on Apple Podcasts

True Birth