June 11, 2021

BONUS Episode: Why the Name True Birth?

BONUS Episode:  Why the Name True Birth?

The story and promise behind the podcast name.

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True Birth is all about raw honest truths when it comes to labor, delivery, pregnancy and the postpartum period.  

This episode covers what the listener can expect to get out of this informative pregnancy podcast.

The whole essence of this podcast is we are telling you the way pregnancy and birth really is. We are not sugar coating it and we are not just reading from the book. We are two practicers in the trenches on the labor floor everyday telling you the truth about birth.

Dr. Abdelhak reveals two historical figures he has found inspirational when it relates to truth. 

Truth is not fungible or related to what society is doing at the time. We have certain beliefs about obstetrics that are just truths and we are sharing them with you. 

We are going to give you the truths as we see them that are not diluted or even mitigated by what the convention of today is. We are giving the truth as the way forward and the way to start thinking about birth. 

On major tenet ob

Our goal is to share the truth with the listener and to tell what we are thinking. We explain what we are thinking. We not trying to  think for you make decision for anyone, rather we give the facts.  We want you make the decisions about birth. If there is a problem surrounding pregnancy of birth, we present it, we give the options. but we are not deciding for the audience. We leave it up to them. We are here to be as straightforward and transparent as possible.  

We serve the truth straight up in common English. We are not using large medical jargon. Our goal is to make medicine, obstetrics, and the information here as easily digestible as possible for the listener to enjoy, share and learn. 


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