June 21, 2021

08 Episiotomy: Who really needs one?

08 Episiotomy: Who really needs one?

This fad is one everyone was glad to see go but why is it still performed?

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Episiotomy, which literally means surgical cutting "tomy" and epis "pubic region" is a practice that largely fell out of favor after this 2005 JAMA study.   Even though this practice was railed against for years by midwives and several concerned OB/GYNs it took a while for the research to catch up with the truth that a natural tear is better than a surgical cut when childbirth is concerned.  This is a perfect example of how often the research lags behind truths in medicine and the importance of the opinions of experts who are at the bedside everyday.  Especially in childbirth.

With all this great knowledge about why this surgical opening to enhance the birth outlet and facilitate or expedite delivery of the fetus is inferior to a natural tear, why is it still utilized in the labor and delivery room?  In this delightful episode Dr. Abdelahk will answer this questions and more like:

Why is a natural tear better than an episiotomy for birth?
Why is episiotomy still performed today in labor? 
What type of episiotomy is best? 
What can a pregnant woman do to educate herself about how to avoid an episiotomy or reduce her chance of having an unnecessary episiotomy in her own birth?

We also have a great Youtube Video about this very topic. Don't miss this!  We linked the video here.  Dr. Abdelhak sits down and explains all about episiotomy and birth. Its a must see for any woman about to have a baby or anyone who cares for her. 

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We are putting together a follow-up episode to this one about tips and tricks to minimize tearing and we would love to hear from you, doulas, labor coaches, OB/GYNs, women, midwives and nurses about what you have seen work.  We are compiling everything that works and dispelling what doesn't.  We will of course divulge our own secrets and truths about what works to minimize tearing in childbirth. 


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