Nov. 29, 2021

056 New Perspectives on Preterm Labor

056 New Perspectives on Preterm Labor

We can Guarantee you have not heard these perspectives on pregnancy before.

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Preterm labor is one of the most evasive disease processes we know about in pregnancy and is one of the leading reasons a pregnant woman seeks treatment in a hospital setting. Until now, we have had very little understanding about why preterm labor (PTL) happens.

Most of the therapeutic interventions surrounding PTL involve identifying who is in true preterm labor and appropriating care to delay delivery not stopping preterm labor. Traditional treatments for preterm labor focus on supporting the fetus for extrauterine life including antenatal corticosteroid therapy to support the lungs, group B strep prophylaxis to prevent infection, magnesium sulfate for neuroprotection and assembling the appropriate team for delivery. 

Why is there no treatment to stop or better yet prevent preterm labor?  Is there something that can be done?  Dr. Yaakov Abdelhak believes so and explains his method for the prevention of preterm labor in this podcast. 


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