Sept. 13, 2021

034 Pelvic Architecture: Architecture of the Birth Canal

034 Pelvic Architecture: Architecture of the Birth Canal

What pelvic shape and size can say about giving birth.

For many centuries physicians have been trying to understand why some women give birth with relative expediency while other women can have long drawn out labors.  In an effort to understand this discrepancy, two physicians (Caldwell & Malloy) studied cadavers and classified the shape of a woman's pelvics.

According to Caldwell & Malloy, there are 4 types of female pelvises all with a distinct shape: Gynecoid, Android, Anthropoid, and Platypelloid (see photo below).   It was argued, that the shape of the pelvis was a factor in why a labor could be drawn out.  Since this classification came out in 1933, there has been little challenge that these 4 pelvises are not a great representation of the differ shapes of bony structures for women. 


In this episode, Dr. Abdelhak elaborates on what parts of the pelvis are important to pay attention to and why they matter.

We've included some photos as this will help with the visualization of what is discussed in this podcast. 


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