May 28, 2021

03 Getting the Covid Vaccine in Pregnancy

03 Getting the Covid Vaccine in Pregnancy

Is it Safe? Get an Experts Take on Why the Vaccine is a Good Idea for Most Pregnant Women.

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Deciding weather or not to get the COVID vaccine during pregnancy can be a major cause of undue stress for many pregnant women during this precious time.

ACOG (the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists) recommends getting the vaccine during pregnant and lactation. You can see their recommendations here.  Even with these recommendations It can help to hear from a physician personally.

In this podcast Dr. Yaakov Abdlehak high risk pregnancy specialist and maternal fetal medicine doctor weighs in on his thoughts.  You can also hear what he has to say on our YouTube Channel Link is below. 

"COVID has really been all about no one committing to anything. At first it was like everyone go on as normal, and then it was like no one should leave their house." So yes, it's understandable that women would have a hard time knowing where to turn for accurate information.


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