Aug. 9, 2021

024 Dr. Google. Good or Bad?

024 Dr. Google. Good or Bad?

Is the Internet a Good Place to Get Information on Pregnancy?

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Recently, Dr. Abdelhak was interviewed by Elisabeth Sherman for Input Magazine about an article relating to the use and addiction of internet chat groups in pregnancy and this got us thinking about the overall use of the internet in pregnancy. What role does the internet play in pregnancy?  How useful is it? And, how much should a woman and her family rely on the internet and its information when making decisions about their health and pregnancy?

Btw, you can check out that great article here

The internet can be overwhelming.  We quickly went from a dearth of information in pregnancy to an over abundance (a TMI, if you will) in just under a decade.  Anyone can post a blog or a vlog and print has a semblance of authority, making it hard to decern what is correct and what is hogwash. Listen in as these two pregnancy experts weigh in on what the internet has to offer for pregnancy and how to utilize this information effectively.   


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