Aug. 2, 2021

022 Nuchal Cord. When the Umbilical Cord is Around the Baby's Neck.

022 Nuchal Cord. When the Umbilical Cord is Around the Baby's Neck.

Is a Nuchal Cord Dangerous? Find out on this latest episode of True Birth.

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When there is a loop of umbilical cord around the baby's neck in the womb it called a nuchal cord.  This is actually a common ad normal finding during labor and delivery.

Medically speaking the term nuchal cord is define as:  an umbilical cord that passes 360 degrees around the fetal neck. They are classified as single or multiple and tight and loose.  Single is more common than multiple and loose is more common than tight. 

The incidence of nuchal cords is roughly about 25 percent at term and is associated with increased fetal movement and longer umbilical cords. 

Listen in as Dr. Abdelhak and Kristin talk about their experience with umbilical cords around the neck with over 10,000 births between them.

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