July 29, 2021

021 Sweeping the Membranes. Membrane Stripping

021 Sweeping the Membranes. Membrane Stripping

Temporarily uncomfortable, yet highly effective.

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Sweeping the membranes is a great tool that is often used at the end of the 9th month to help stimulate contractions or labor.  

It is typically performed during an office visit when and the cervix needs to be partially dilated in order for it to be effective.  The OB will typically insert one finger on a vaginal exam beyond the internal cervical os and then rate the finger circumferentially along the lower uterine portion of the uterus/cervix to pull the uterus away from the fetal membranes.  This helps to simulate the body into labor and is more effective as a woman approaches her due date and beyond. 

Stripping or sweeping the membranes before labor has begun is associated with better outcomes in birth such as lower c-sections and shorter durations of pregnancy (i.e. less chance of going overdue).  This is a great tool that many OBs will use to help to stimulate labor and assist a woman


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