May 26, 2021

02 Induction of Labor. Friend or Foe?

02 Induction of Labor. Friend or Foe?

When should induction of labor be used, if ever? Can it be a tool used to prevent cesarean birth?

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When Kristin (a midwife, mind you) joined Dr. Yaakov Abdlehak over 10 years ago she was shocked to learn how high his induction rate was but also how high his vaginal delivery rate was.  This man, she thought, was using a commonly frowned on method of childbirth to successfully achieve vaginal deliveries.  Midwives are often taught that the fastest was to an unplanned and an unwanted cesarean birth is to get induced.  And while this may have been true in the 80's, 90's or even early 20's, Induction is no longer seen as the enemy, but more as the friend when achieving healthy natural delivery is the goal 

Why induce?

The real answer to this question is to avoid a cesarean birth and in this podcast we will get into who that applies to and why. 

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